Our Salon Ethics Policy

Thank you for choosing our services out of the vast amount of massage salons.
Below is our ethics policy. Please take note and consent to the following in order to receive treatment.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

* If any of the following behaviors apply, we reserve the right to refuse treatment or terminate the procedure at any time.

  • Intoxicated clients
  • Any kind of behavior deemed inappropriate by our therapists (including words, jokes or unnecessary physical contact) at any point during the service

* Our salon requires clients to keep their underwear on regardless of gender, and will not provide services to those who are naked.

* Please note that we are not a sexual service salon. Any services that violate laws and regulations will NOT be provided.

* Our salon provides full body treatment, however, if a client requests sexual services, or if a therapist determines that the service cannot be completed due to a hostile environment, the treatment will be terminated immediately, and the client will be asked to leave. Our practice will then be closed to this client.

* It is prohibited to ask a therapist for their private information such as phone numbers and email addresses, etc., and such behaviors will not be tolerated.